I made this video last week at one of my favorite spots to fly fish, Poudre Canyon. It was 14 degrees, and I had a horrible cold. Wrap you mind around the lengths at which I am willing to go to entertain you. Also, enjoy the song. It’s very simple, but it’s one of my favorites from the new EP. I can’t wait for everyone to hear the record version.


Fare the well

To all my sorrows

To all my fears

I’ll not see you tomorrow

I have found

A better love

A perfect portion

To still my worries


Whose blessings fell like snow

Landing silent, still their beauty is known

I am not left wanting,

For He is good, and I am blessed


Love like this

Unending mercy

From grace-filled hands

That never will empty

Better love

My hope is found

Behind your eyes

So I’ll not worry

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