I’m working on a new record. That’s right. I’ve spent the last several months tucked away in a dark cave working on material for a new record. And it’s due to be released the beginning of December.

I’m not ready to reveal all of the details about the album just yet, but what I will tell you is it’s not a worship record. When I made my last record, The Road So Far, my intention from the beginning was to make a worship record, but one that perhaps brought a fresh take on worship music to the table. This record will be different. This record includes songs about my experience and my family’s experience moving to Colorado.

Choosing to leave Texas and embark on our adventure to Colorado was a risk. Adventure is about stepping into the unknown – choosing to do something in which there are more questions than answers. And I’ve always enjoyed this kind of thing. I’ve jumped out of airplanes, climbed fourteeners, traveled all over the world, etc. Adventure isn’t new. But bringing my entire family along for the ride adds a whole new level of risk to the scenario. The stakes are higher. So the choice to move to Colorado wasn’t one that was taken lightly and required a huge step of faith for us.

The result is that the last two years have been an insane, crazy roller coaster for me and my family. And as it turns out, putting your whole life and well being on the line provides lots of great material to write about, and that’s exactly what I have done. Not long after we moved here I began writing songs. At first I didn’t see a connection with them, as I was just writing to process things. But looking back I realized that a collection of songs has stuck out that represent sort of my own spiritual journey over the last couple of years since moving to Fort Collins. And fair warning, it is a very honest journey. So while this isn’t a worship record, my hope is that those who listen will see God’s truth and grace revealed through the lyrics.

And there you go. I am now in the production process for the new record, with a planned release around the beginning of December. So don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to gift it to all your friends and family for a Christmas present. As I said before, I have little other details that I’m ready to reveal at the moment, but I do invite you to all come along with me on this journey. You can get updates here on my blog or by becoming a fan of my Facebook page. This project has been a stretch for me. Musically and spiritually, and I’m excited about it. And just to give you a hint of what I’ve been up to, below is a picture I put together that was taken from some of the main recording sessions that I had in August. Thanks to David Sutton from The Coffee Registry for taking pictures.

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