Ok, ok, I know in September I made an announcement about a new record. The goal at the time was to have it ready to release at the beginning of December. We obviously missed that. Life happens. Things get in the way, and next thing you know, you’re no where close to having it ready to go at the time you’d hoped for. Oh well. That’s how it goes.

But fear not. The record is finished. The last few details are being worked out right now and I can officially announce that the record will be released on January 8. A few other pertinent details: This will be a six song EP, and the title will be Two Years. The name reflects that it is a story of the last two years of my life and our family’s life. The good and the bad, the ups and the down – it’s all there, crammed into six songs, and I’m pretty jazzed to share it with everyone.

What a way to start the year off right. So keep your ear to the ground over the next couple of weeks, because there will be some sneak peaks and little bonuses to whet your appetite.

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