Top 10 the greatest songs of all time

Recently YouTube suggested me a tracklist of the 100 best songs of all time. I downloaded some songs using the easy youtube video downloader  to copy them later to my mp3-player. Although I did not like all the songs, I listened to it with interest.

It made me wonder which songs are the greatest and most significant in fact. Thoughts led me to the 10 Greatest Songs named by the Rolling Stones.

The magazine itself, since its foundation in 1967, has been one of the most influential and respected magazines on culture and music. After all, its founders, music critic Ian Wenner and journalist Ralph Gleeson, worked hard on his status and influence. They did it brilliantly.

The famous Rolling Stones magazine released a list of the greatest songs of all time in 2004. He later updated this data, but the first gold 10 remained intact. Even now, many musicians and people involved in the creation of music rightfully call these songs the best of all.

And here is the list itself. Let’s go from the opposite direction. The honorable 10th place is occupied by:

10) Ray Charles with his song “What I’d say”

The blues song was created by accident. Ray performed at one “dance restaurant”. He needed to fill in the remaining time before the end of the event, which lasted 4 hours. The musicians performed their entire repertoire, and Ray Charles decided to improvise. He asked the musicians to play along with him. And so the song “What I’d say” was born. The enthusiastic reaction of the public to the composition made Charles later record it in the studio.

9) Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirits

You may not like heavy rock and grunge music, but this song you could not help but hear and love. Namely, this song introduced alternative rock to the path of popularity and mainstream. Making her frontman a true rock legend.

8) The Beatles – Hey, Jude

Awesome song written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon. Paul composed it for John’s first son, Julian, at the time of his parents’ divorce. Paul was very supportive and friendly with the boy. In the song, he only changed the name Jul to Jude.

7) Chuck Berry – Johnny B. Goode

The song of the American musician Chuck Berry, one of the founders of rock and roll in the 60s, conquered the world, and also took 1st place among guitar songs of all time! You could hear this song in the famous movie “Back to the Future”. Here’s an excerpt:

6) The Beach Boys – Good Vibrations

This song was included in the symbolic list of the best songs of rock. The title of the song translates as “good vibes”. This is a kind of response to the fact that in childhood, the creator of the song was told by the mother that dogs bark at a person if he has bad vibrations.

Kurt Cobain

5) Aretha Franklin – Respect

This song became revolutionary, making her the main “Queen of Soul”. This song was originally written by Otis Redding.

And it made this sense: a man asks a woman to show him “respect” when he comes home from work – and for this he promises to turn a blind eye to her shortcomings.

Aretha Franklin covered this song 2 years later. At the same time, she changed the words of the song, turning it into a monologue of a strong woman demanding respect for herself.

4) Marvin Gaye – What’s going on

This melodic song was born in response to police misconduct during an anti-war rally in America. And with thala a certain anthem of all those who disagree with her.

3) John Lennon – Imagine.

A song with a tremendous pacifist meaning. John himself described it as a “communist manifesto”, although he was not a communist. In Russian, the song was performed by the group “Earthlings”, called “Imagine yourself.”

2) The Rolling Stones – (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

An incredible hit of the group, which translates as “Can’t get satisfaction.” The song about failures and black stripes definitely made the list of the best songs of the 20th century. Just listen to how the audience meets the group:

1) Bob Dylan – Like a Rolling Stone.

If you are not yet familiar with his work, then you should start getting involved. After all, he is one of the most influential figures in pop music over the past fifty years. He became the voice of the “generation” and the symbol of the US protests, the American “Viktor Tsoi”.

His song Like a Rolling Stone became a watershed in all 20th century music with its innovative concept and structure. The composition lasts a full 6 minutes.

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